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Summer Sale! Get an extra 20% off all items with voucher code SALE20
Summer Sale! Get an extra 20% off all items with voucher code SALE20
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5 designs available in two colours, with hand printed organic cotton cushion covers and eco-friendly organic t-shirts available in each design.

Willow's Woods

By John Stephen Payne

Dry leaves on the floor and the wind amongst the trees, this bold character will pull you through all the muddiest puddles she can find!

John's graphic style comes across in this woodland treat.

Scamp's Smile

By Kasia Jane Dawson

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier design is called Scamp's Smile by Kasia Jane Dawson.

Kasia has got the iconic staffy smile perfectly with this drawing, don't you agree?

Penny's Patch

By Kasia Jane Dawson

Kasia loves to design intricate details and can sit for hours working on one piece.

Her design catches the very essence of the typical bullie face with its piggy ears, wide nose and eyes just full of love!

Chloe's Course

By John Stephen Payne

John's design was influenced by the days he walked his beloved late bullie Chloe around his hometown, past the terraced houses and stopping to trance under the bushes on the corner!

Now isn't that all too familiar?

Barney's Bud

By Kasia Jane Dawson

Two of a kind, these pair of pups are usually found on your favourite chair or causing havoc in the garden!

With Kasia's usual intricate drawing style, this one will certainly warm your heart.